U.S. Congress

Members of Congress from Midwestern United States

34 Congress Members
Congress Member
Committee Leadership
Other Committees
Dan BenishekH(R-MI)3Agriculture, Natural Resources & Veterans' Affairs0
Kerry BentivolioH(R-MI)2Oversight & Government Reform & Small Business0
Susan BrooksH(R-IN)3Education & Workforce, Ethics & Homeland Security0
Cheri BustosH(D-IL)2Agriculture & Transportation & Infrastructure0
Dave CampH(R-MI)1Ways & Means0
Steve ChabotH(R-OH)3Foreign Affairs, Judiciary & Small Business0
Lacy ClayH(D-MO)2Financial Services & Oversight & Government Reform0
Rodney DavisH(R-IL)2Agriculture & Transportation & Infrastructure0
John DingellH(D-MI)1Energy & Commerce0
Joe DonnellyS(D-IN)2Armed Services & Aging1
Sean DuffyH(R-WI)1Financial Services0
Dick DurbinS(D-IL)4Appropriations, Judiciary, Rules & Administration & Joint Committee on the Library17
Jeff FortenberryH(R-NE)1Appropriations0
Luis GutierrezH(D-IL)2Judiciary & Intelligence Select Committee0
Heidi HeitkampS(D-ND)4Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs, Homeland Security & Government Affairs, Small Business & Entrepreneurship & Indian Affairs1
John HoevenS(R-ND)4Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry, Appropriations, Energy & Natural Resources & Indian Affairs15
Tim HuelskampH(R-KS)2Small Business & Veterans' Affairs0
David JoyceH(R-OH)1Appropriations0
Marcy KapturH(D-OH)1Appropriations4
Dan KildeeH(D-MI)1Financial Services0
Steve KingH(R-IA)3Agriculture, Judiciary & Small Business59
Robert LattaH(R-OH)1Energy & Commerce0
Blaine LuetkemeyerH(R-MO)2Financial Services & Small Business0
Claire McCaskillS(D-MO)4Armed Services, Commerce, Science & Transportation, Homeland Security & Government Affairs & Aging4
Betty McCollumH(D-MN)1Appropriations0
Rick NolanH(D-MN)2Agriculture & Transportation & Infrastructure0
Jim RenacciH(R-OH)2Budget & Financial Services0
Todd RokitaH(R-IN)3Budget, Administration & Education & Workforce0
Mike RoundsS(R-SD)00
Paul RyanH(R-WI)2BudgetWays & Means457
Patrick TiberiH(R-OH)1Ways & Means0
Peter ViscloskyH(D-IN)1Appropriations0
Ann WagnerH(R-MO)1Financial Services0
Brad WenstrupH(R-OH)2Armed Services & Veterans' Affairs0