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1 yr 313 days ago
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I would like to see Bernie Sanders properly vetted in the primary process and not when he is running against Trump in the general election. Hillary Clinton would not go there because she needed the Bernie votes...some 10 percent of which went to Trump anyway. Likewise, the current slate of Democratic nominees have treated Bernie and his supporters with kid gloves. Hopefully, Bloomberg will not fear the Bernie Bros and lay out to the public what a campaign against Trump would look like.
1 yr 317 days ago
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The Arizona republic attributes Bernie's win to two things: (1) strong outreach to the Hispanic community, the fastest growing segment of our society and (2) a good "ground game", meaning a large army of "door knockers"
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1 yr 316 days ago
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So the information is already all out there. What you are really asking is ‘what do the Republican attack ads against Bernie look like?’