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1 yr 338 days ago
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As one who has discussed religion with many people worldwide, for the most part I have been amazed at the 100 percent certitude in their convictions. Indoctrination of religious beliefs begins from the day you are born, and the differences in various denominations of Christianity, Islam and others stem from the inconsistencies in the respective scriptures written by different people over hundreds of years. I try not mock or deride another person's beliefs but rather try understand and find common ground.

However, as certain religious folks try to impose their brand of religion on others through governmental policies, then we must push back using many of their tactics. If, for example, they say God created humans in his own image, then are not the LGBTQ community God's creations also? Or did their God deliberately create some humans with the intent that they would be discriminated against? If so, what kind of God is that?
'Religion' seems to be a notion that there is an all-powerful Sixth-Century-BC tyrant out there who has to be constantly appeased. I was brought up a Christian Socialist and am tempted by Buddhism, neither of which seems to me a 'religion'. Power-hungry nutters will inevitably mis-use antiquated doctrines in which people still pretend to believe. That's inevitable.