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912 days ago
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Interesting topic Dutch. Society today largely opposes racism in its many forms, but we also have to acknowledge that we have extremists who fear "the other". If we were to go even much further back in history, we would find many examples of fear of the other in the bible where outright genocidal actions against other ethnic groups were a part of their everyday society. But the bible contradicts itself with many other references that oppose such actions. Different authors at different times with different views. It's why we have so many different denominations of Christianity.
However, we could go even further back in time and speculate why we have traces of Neanderthal DNA in our systems. Did some early humans accept and interbreed with the Neanderthals while others feared them so much that they wiped them out in genocidal actions? Just some far out critical thinking about the origins of our diversity and the way we react to our DNA driven emotions.