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1357 days ago
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When are we going to stop playing games? It sounds a lot like a bunch of men standing around measuring. Why must it always be a game? Unless people other than the U.S. Citizens have already decided who they have chosen.

Let's look at this: We have two democrats running. One is the choice of the DNC. One appears to be the choice of the people. One doesn't poll well against the Trumpeter. One polls miles above the Trumpeter.

Why not vote true to our "real" Democratic ideals? What is best for the country?A couple/few clowns from an political organization deciding that playing games is more important than fighting for a better life?

Why not vote for the one that can win and has the support of most of the populous.

Do we really want to go the way of the Republican Party? Self destructing our futures?

Any democrat that votes for a Republican should stand in line with the DNC brass and leave our Party!