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1711 days ago
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Just to clarify once again. It is Ted Cruz who originally used the Dallas Morning News journalist to address reports that Cruz was a dual citizen of Canada and the USA. He presented to the journalist his Alberta birth certificate as "proof" that he was an American citizen. That was just plain deceit (a lie) for Cruz who claims to be a constitutional lawyer. The journalist bought his story hook line and sinker without fact checking. Cruz owes it to the American public to correct that lie, but instead he doubles down and says his citizenship was "automatic" implying no DS 2029 form was necessary. Take a look at the DS 2029 link in the article. That's the required information by the US immigration authorities for someone in similar circumstances born today outside of the USA to an American parent. The criteria are less onerous than they were in 1970. None of that kind of extensive personal data is a part of a regular birth certificate. The CRBA based on the DS 2029 is special and unique in that regard. If Cruz owned a CRBA why didn't he present it to the journalist? I think your alternative that he wanted the publicity is a bit of a stretch. I like my speculative scenario better.