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1495 days ago
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Zach -- The CRBA is not a public document and I believe you are right to state that he is under no legal obligation to show it. He has not complied with Freedom of Information Act requests to produce it. At some point, however, I believe he will have to comply. He cannot stonewall forever if he becomes the nominee. However, he showed us his Alberta, Canada birth certificate as proof that he is an American citizen. It doesn't prove anything. None of the information on that certificate has been validated by the U.S. immigration authorities. If he had a CRBA, then it is the only preferred and valid document for proof of U.S. citizenship. So why would he invite controversy on himself by showing his Canadian certificate instead of his CRBA, unless he doesn't have one, in which case he would be an "illegal"? We can only speculate on his reasons, and that's what I have done. I have so indicated that the last part is guesswork on my part. Do you have other possible reasons why he refuses to show his CRBA, if he has one? .