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Dutchworldwide experience
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1787 days ago
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I read this guy reads the bible twice a day and is a seventh day Adventist, which lunatics thought Jesus would come to the US somewhere in 1800 . Sorry Adventists, the guy is long dead and even the ashes are nowhere to be found. That calls himself a surgeon?
Sure we need a guy like that; why not a Mormon like Romney or a scientologist like Tom Cruise. As a President you can't believe in ghosts or read bibles all day. The Constitution clearly has a separation between church and state ( whatever church; there are thousands of them who don't pay taxes) so if elected he has to read other things.

Daily Mail: Inside Ben Carson's eccentric Maryland mansion - complete with a shrine to himself, gold leaf columns and a portrait WITH Jesus ( copied from Schmidt)
48 rooms mansion etc. How to get rich splitting two headed babies and help a corrupt dentist, so both can get even more rich under the cover of religion, would be a great title for his new book.