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Nobody ever said Netanyahu was in charge of our foreign policy. This was simply a speech to Congress and the world to offer his viewpoint as the leader of Israel. He isn't dictating anything. Netanyahu's voice against Saddam was just one of many, including many of the Democrat's leadership. Why is Obama so afraid of any kind of open debate? Why does Obama and his minions attempt to shift attention from the huge problem of a nuke armed state sponsor of terror to the non-problem of a minor breach in political protocol? This was only a speech. An opposing viewpoint. I remember Hillary Clinton saying that dissent was patriotic back when GW was president. What happened to that? All the hysteria coming from the left seems way out of proportion. I think Jared needs to unwad his panties and take a few deep breaths.
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2144 days ago
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copterdude -- You claim to be a Libertarian, but my understanding of Libertarians is that they are non-interventionist in foreign affairs other than free trade. The USA is Israel's protectorate, and that means that Netanyahu would like the USA to intervene militarily in Iran's nuclear program. He won't come outright and say that, but what options are left if you take Obama's diplomacy off the table? More sanctions are not going to stop their nuclear program. And if Netanyahu says that Israel will go it alone, we should let intervention if Netanyahu's war hawks become really really stupid and bomb. bomb, bomb Iran. Netanyahu of course wants the USA to do that for him, just like Bush did for Iraq. No Israelis soldiers died in Iraq. That war was not so much about oil as it was about making Israel safe from the threat of Saddam Hussein. The Libertarians I know would not advocate the USA going to war with Iran, but that seems to be that direction Netanyahu is headed and he wants the USA Congress to have his back.