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Dutchworldwide experience
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2473 days ago
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A very sick country; indeed the fanatic patriotic attitude here and the money hungry society produced this. Drag in "bibles" and "god" that makes the picture complete. Hitler would be proud of us. This guy was just a redneck "bully" type and was shot in the end because of that. Furthermore shooting people in a country we invaded for no proven reason, which never attacked us in the first place is plain murder and certainly not hero-ism. But yeah, we are a "blessed nation" so we are allowed to do so. Hand on a "human" written "bible" makes everything good.
2473 days ago
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This is a little much, but I understand where your anger comes from.

We can have a debate about our former President sending thousands of our soldiers off to fight in a war they didn't need to without typecasting every single soldier who went to go fight in it.

I may not agree with much of Chris Kyle said in his book, but I do commend him for working with individuals who were struggling with PTSD, which I can personally say is a really shitty thing. I don't take everything he said at face value because he had some real problems, but he was trying to face his demons and help his fellow soldiers out who were also going through the same condition. Unfortunately, that wound up killing him in the end.