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"I've always wondered..." I think you are spot-on with attributing this, at least in part, to 24/7 news and the 'entertainification' (for lack of a better word) of our news. Instead of simply conveying facts, events, and images, we are inundated in analysis and subjective criticism (it doesn't even have to be partisan--the subjective evaluation of which facts are most important or deserve further analysis obscures all news coverage today) as though this were a sophomore English class tackling Steinbeck. At least in sports coverage, the talking heads don't influence what is actually happening in the game. Politically, the influence of "analysis" is all too real. I have no doubt a Republican President following Obama would be subjected to the same style of baseless scrutiny to fill the quiet hours of the news cycle. They will be rebranded for the new President, but it will amount to the same distracting drivel that populated the last six years of "news."