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NeuroanalystIt is all about self-obsession, not issues
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2584 days ago
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Think that the opposition is simply “crazy”? Remember that old saying “Crazy like a Fox”? We are opposed by PREDATORS, and they do seem “crazy” in relation to the damage they can do. But they are compulsively and absolutely self-obsessed, completely incapable of feeling empathy, and think that anyone who is empathetic and not self-obsessed is “crazy.” Think about this: A chicken steps out of the henhouse; A Fox appears and says “Ah a free meal!”; The chicken says: “Why would you want to kill me?”; The Fox says: “That’s just want I do!”; The chicken says: “That doesn’t make any sense.”; The Fox eats the chicken and says: “It does to me.” It’s that simple: 20% of our population is compulsively self-obsessed and enjoying (literally) being predatory, and 20% has PTSD from fear-mongering by predators. 40% are just staying in their hen-houses in order to avoid catching PTSD. Eliminate predatory activities and you have eliminated PTSD. THEN we can deal with the “issues.”