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Good points. I really like Udall. And I agree with most everything he stands for, minus one thing.. marijuana legalization. I can't understand his hesitancy on this issue, especially when his state is a shining example so far of how good it can be for the US as a whole. Maybe he will change his opinion on this one issue. We will see. Otherwise though, he seems like a no-brainer choice for re-election.
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2600 days ago
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He'll come around. I gained much respect for him after his comments on NSA overreach. Hope he gets another term; he does deserve it.
2600 days ago
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I agree. It is quite odd, but I have a feeling the winds are changing with regards to this issue. I can only assume he's just trying to play it safe, but it doesn't make too much sense considering the citizens he represents overwhelmingly voted to legalize it.