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  • When CNN anchor Jake Tapper takes the stage at the Reagan Library Wednesday night to preside over four hours of squabbling Republicans, the specter of last month’s Fox News debates will be looming large over the proceedings. The fireworks generated by those August 6 clashes attracted historic cable television audiences—six million viewers for the undercard debate in which former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina delivered her breakout performance, and an astonishing 24 million for the prime-time debate that devolved into a media Götterdämmerung between frontrunner Donald Trump and Fox News star Megyn Kelly.
  • If the commercials promoting CNN's Republican primary debate Wednesday make it look like a highly anticipated pay-per-view boxing event, it means they're working. "That was the idea," CNN President Jeff Zucker said last week. "This is Round 2 of a heavyweight bout." Or the second episode of a wildly successful hit show. CNN anticipates its largest audience ever when Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and nine other contenders meet Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. It would achieve that plateau by getting 75% of the 24 million viewers who watched the first GOP debate of the 2016 presidential race on the Fox News Channel on Aug. 6, the surprise must-see TV event of the summer.
  • Hillary Clinton sat down for an interview with CNN's Brianna Keilar on Tuesday. For other candidates, such a thing wouldn't be newsworthy in and of itself — but this was the first nationally televised interview of Clinton's campaign, which was launched nearly three months ago. It's an approach that has minimized Clinton's exposure to pesky questions about topics like her deleted emails and voters' declining trust in her — but she was faced with some from Keilar today.
  • Sep 10 2014
    Jay Carney Joins CNN, Surprising Nobody
    In a move that will surprise very few, former White House press secretary Jay Carney has joined CNN as a contributor. Carney, who was a veteran journalist before joining the Obama administration, will start Wednesday night, just as the president makes a major address about ISIS. He is one of a string of Obama officials to get jobs in the media once they leave the White House. Carney's move into punditry was widely assumed; a New York Times interviewer once asked him, "Now that you’re leaving your job as White House press secretary, do you know which cable news network you’re going to be a pundit for?"
  • Mar 28 2014
    Piers Morgan Bids Farewell To His Show
    Piers Morgan shared some departing words with his Twitter followers on Friday as he prepares for his final CNN show. CNN announced the cancellation of "Piers Morgan Live" at the end of February. At the time, Morgan acknowledged in an in...
  • Mar 05 2014
    Rachel Maddow unloads massive snark on CNN
    MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow started her show last night with a “warning” to viewers. It went like this: “I’m about to do something which is a little bit controversial for cable news. It shouldn’t be controversial but because of this business, it is. So I feel like I have to start with this warning: All right, ready? I am about to praise a rival cable news network. I know, shriek, horror, right?”
  • Jan 30 2014
    CNN's John King To Host 'Inside Politics'
    John King has his own show again. CNN announced that King will the new host of "Inside Politics," a show that has a long history at the network. The 30-minute weekend program is set to debut on Sunday at 8:30 AM, according to CNN's Sam Feist who tweeted the news Thursday.
  • Jeff Zucker, CNN’s current president, said on Friday that the Republican Party is being run by Fox News and that networks like Fox are just telling people what they want to hear “and missing the story.” According to Mediaite, Zucker was speaking to the annual meeting of the Television Critics Association in Pasadena, California.
  • Former Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher, who suffered a serious head injury in a skiing accident, is showing a "slight improvement" in his condition, doctors in France said Tuesday. On Monday night, doctors carried out a surgical intervention on Schumacher that allowed for some pressure to be relieved on his brain in a way that was "gradual and effective," said Jean-Francois Payen, head of anesthesiology at the University Hospital Center of Grenoble.
  • CNN is experimenting with a possible half-hour weekend show hosted by John King, Politico reported Monday. "The Source with John King" would be a panel show with guests with journalists, network insiders told Politico. Though CNN president Jeff Zucker has tinkered with some of the network's talent and programming since taking over at the beginning of the year, this is the first of his experiments involving King.
  • The "weirdest thing" that has ever happened to Jennifer Lawrence was the work of CNN, the actress told Jon Stewart on Thursday. Lawrence appeared on "The Daily Show" to discuss her new movie "Hunger Games: Catching Fire." The first topic she tackled, though, was the breaking news alert that CNN issued when she got her haircut.
  • CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin is leaving the network. TV Newser reported the news on Wednesday. Yellin was previously the network's chief White House correspondent until CNN shook up the beat in August. Yellin became chief domestic affairs correspondent in August and also served as a substitute anchor. She joined CNN from ABC News in 2008, and was promoted to White House correspondent in 2008.
  • CNN’s Fareed Zakaria attempted to put the Arab Spring and recent Egyptian violence into global and historical perspective on Sunday afternoon, noting that Arab democracies were in a phase of “illiberal democracy,” similar to one undergone by the west two centuries ago, a sort of caterpillar-state of democracy before foundational systems of checks and balances arise.
  • Jun 26 2013
    Nelson Mandela On Life Support
    Nelson Mandela has been placed on life support, CNN reported Wednesday afternoon. The former South African president's health remained critical for the fourth consecutive day as tribal leaders reportedly were warned to prepare for his death.
  • CNN's John King says he is embarrassed after wrongly reporting last week that a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was arrested, calling the mistake a "double kick in the head" because he's a Boston native. "When you do something like this, it's embarrassing," King, the network's chief national correspondent, told WTOP on Tuesday. "The one thing you have to do is look straight in the camera and say, 'We were wrong.'" CNN was criticized for its coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings. On Wednesday, it was one of at least four major news organizations that cited anonymous sources when reporting an arrest had been made. The Associated Press, Fox News and the Boston Globe also disseminated the inaccurate news.
  • Like a lot of Americans, when I woke up on Friday morning and found out there was a manhunt in the Boston area for the remaining suspect in Monday’s bombing at the marathon, I turned on CNN. It’s a common impulse, although less common than it used to be. The news audience has been chopped up into ideological camps, and CNN’s middle way has been clobbered in the ratings. The legacy networks’ news divisions can still flex powerful muscles on big stories, and Twitter and other real-time social media sites have seduced a whole new cohort of news consumers.
  • The inaccurate report by CNN and other news organizations about an arrest in the Boston bombing case was arguably one of the most flagrant errors on a story of major national consequence in years. When the news organizations later corrected their mistakes, there seemed to be something missing — any big shows of contrition, or even a sense of...
  • Ann Curry has asked NBC News executives to release her from her contract so that she can accept a "high-profile anchor position" at CNN, RadarOnline reported exclusively on Monday. A source close to the situation told the site, "She has formally asked her attorney to explore exit options from the network.
  • Both CNN and Fox, in a race to get the story on-air first, inaccurately reported that the individual mandate had been found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
  • Full transcript of the CNN National Security Debate in Washington D.C. on 11/22/2011 on CNN between Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney and Santorum.