Republican Lack of Support & Negativity Towards

08/04/14Mo BrooksLaura Ingram Show
Rep. Brooks accused Democrats of waging a war on white people by claiming that whites 'hate everybody else.'
“This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else.”
08/05/13Dana RohrabacherTwitter
Representative Rohrabacher tweeted that he would defund assistance to "white trash."
[I] would defund white trash, but not our vets , seniors & other deserving Americans 2 provide benefits 2 those here illegally.
2008 NOVJesse Lee PetersonYouTube VideoReligion & African Americans
Jesse Lee Peterson Thanks Whites on Slavery
“I’ve often said that, ‘Thank God for slavery,’ because, you know, had not, then the blacks over here would have been stuck in Africa… Everybody and their Mama are trying to get out of Africa and come to America and so God has a way of looking out for folks and He made it possible by way of slavery to get black folks into this country.
08/24/05Chris McDanielThe Right Side
Chris McDaniel blamed the after effects of Hurricane Katrina on liberals dependency on the federal government.
But not the welfare dependent citizens of New Orleans (of all races, including black and white). Playing their part in the drama that was suggestive of liberalisms [sic] greatest failure, many in New Orleans simply ignored common sense and waited for the great federal father to save them. Others seized on Katrina's opportunity to assault, loot and steal. NOTE TO THE LEFT: Unless you live in Detroit, the basic necessities of life do not include big screen plasma TV's, Randy Moss jerseys, Air Jordan sneakers or any type of bl...