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2013 AUGThe Vast Majority of Minimum Wage Workers are TeenagersMinimum Wage0
A common Republican Party talking point is that a majority of individuals that make make minimum wage are teenagers working in their first or second job. However, that claim is not backed up by any facts. The average age of someone working on minimum wage is 35 and one third of all minimum wage earners are 40 or older.
08/21/12The Obama Administration gutted the 1996 welfare reform programJobs, Unemployment Benefits & Barack Obama0
Rommney campaign ad says that the Obama Administration gutted the 1996 Welfare Reform bill, by removing the requirement for recipients to be working. This, however, is untrue. Work requirements are not dropped. States have leeway to change and revise, as part of a federally approved state plan to increase employment. The reform was not "gutted". Benefits will not be paid beyond a certain amount of time, whether or not the recipient is working.
07/18/12Obama says "You didn't build that"Business & Economy & Barack Obama0
Many Republicans have be claiming that Obama doesn't think that people build their own businesses because of his speech where he said " didn't build that." The phrase has been taken blatantly out of context. Obama was not talking about people's businesses but instead the infrastructure, roads, railroads, bridges and education system. Romney also conveniently ignores Obama's clear summary of his message, that "the point is ... that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do...
07/02/12The Affordable Care Act is the Biggest Tax Hike in HistoryTaxes0
The 2010 Health Care Reform Act is not even a tax. But assuming that it is, simply for the sake of argument. It doesn't even come close to being the largest tax hike in history.
06/05/12Obama hasn't produced a jobs plan in 3 1/2 years.Jobs, Barack Obama & Workers0
Mitt Romney on the campaign trail is claiming that Obama "hasn’t put forth a plan to get us working again" and "after three and a half years later, we’re waiting." Romney totally ignores the Jobs plan that President Obama presented to Congress in October 2011 and the subsequent plan revealed in his state-of-the union address, all of which were rejected by Congress for political reasons.
05/31/12Obama steered Solyndra funds to friends, family and campaign contributors.Business & Economy, Solar Power & Obama Administration0
Romney falsely claims the inspector general uncovered Obama crony capitalism in the Solyndra investigation and has repeated the lie in campaign ads running in swing states. The media have since debunked it as "simply made-up." Romney, however, unabashedly continues to run the ad.
2012 MAYFederal spending under Obama has accelerated at a pace without recent precedent .Business & Economy & Barack Obama0
Mitt Romney has made the claim on the campaign trail and in his website that federal spending under Obama has "accelerated at a pace without precedent in recent history." Politifact and others have found this statement to be false. Politifact calculated Obama's spending rate at 1.4 percent the lowest in 60 years. Despite media coverage of the falsehood, Mitt Romney's website maintains the false statement.
2011 NOVObama states: "If we keep talking about the economy, we`re going to lose."Business & Economy & Barack Obama0
Mitt Romney's first campaign ad in November 2011 falsely attributed the quote to Obama, but in fact Obama was quoting John McCain. Obama's actual words: "Senator McCain`s campaign actually said, and I quote, "If we keep talking about the economy, we`re going to lose."" Mitt Romney acknowledges the purposeful editing but was still running the ad seven months later.
04/13/10Obama's Financial Reform Bill Will Set Up Permanent BailoutsFinancial Regulation0
In order to try and block more Obama more needed legislation from the Obama Administration, the right has started falsely stating that Financial Reform Bill will put the country in a position where it has to bail out 'too big to fail' companies on a a permanent basis. The bill is actually designed and written to prevent future bailouts, and end 'to big to fail.'