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  • Executive overreach, now as always, is in the eye of the beholder. George Will, for example, has railed against “institutional vandalism of Barack Obama’s executive unilateralism.” But in his admiring profile of Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, George Will says that Rauner has “a powerful voice and a plan to break ‘a totally rigged system.’” How? “By executive order, Rauner has stopped the government from collecting for unions ‘fair share’ fees from state employees who reject joining a union.”
  • “I HAVE come to save the day. And I won’t leave until I’m done,” sang the voice of Lenny Kravitz as a tour bus pulled into a factory belonging to Dial Machine, an industrial components firm. The crowd, made up of factory workers and people in their Sunday best, greeted the bus with cheers. They were there to see Bruce Rauner, the Republican running for governor in Illinois. The loudest cheers, however, were for his opening act: Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, who has been to the state three times in as many weeks to support him.
  • 2014’s Illinois’s gubernatorial race is shaping up to a repeat of the 2012 presidential election . . . only without the fun parts. Are you nostalgic for a Republican with a private equity fortune running against an unpopular incumbent Democrat? Well, you’ll love the governor’s race in Illinois this year.