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Brigham YoungPhoto of Brigham Young Academy, later to be named Brigham Young UniversityBy: Charles Roscoe Savage
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  • Curtis Penfold got kicked out of his apartment, fired from his job, and left Brigham Young University all in the same week. He left BYU—a private university operated by The Church of Latter-day Saints—because he had started to disagree with some of the Church’s views, causing tension between him and school officials. His exit from the school caused him to lose his on-campus job, and he subsequently resigned from the Mormon Church. Resigning from the church resulted in getting kicked out of his religiously-affiliated private housing, and he received angry emails from old friends and phone calls from his disappointed parents who said he “lost the light” and “used to be so good.” “I felt so hated by this community I used to love,” Penfold said.

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