Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon BombingAftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombingBy: Aaron Tang

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  • House Republicans Pick For Profit Schools Over Veterans in GI Bill Fight
    Laws that have broad bi-partisan support come few and far between, but the GI Bill that was passed in 1944 is one of those few bills that will bring together both the most ardently conservative and die hard liberal because it was a law designed to thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country.
Controversies & Scandals
  • For the second day in a row, the New York Post has published a discredited story regarding the Boston Marathon Bombings. The Post published a picture of two individuals with the headline: “BAG MEN, Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon.” The only problem is that the FBI stated they were not seeking those individuals and that they are not the suspects.
  • The New York Post is taking heat one day after they published multiple inaccurate stories on the Boston Marathon bombings. The Post published and then refused to correct a death toll as high as twelve, when in fact it is currently at three. The Post also published that a Saudi man was taken into custody, when in fact he was injured in the blast and the police questioned him and decided that he was not responsible.

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