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President Barack Obama talking with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal President Barack Obama talking with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal By: Pete Souza

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  • A public school in Louisiana has been sued by a Buddhist family that claims their child was routinely and systemically harassed by the child's teacher, officials, and even the school superintendent. The child claims that he was made fun of by his teacher, had religious based questions marked incorrectly on his tests, and he had to take part in official prayers directed by the principal and teachers. The parents also claim the superintendent told them that they lived in the bible belt and that they would just have to accept the status quo.
  • With little to no oversight, the Louisiana Voucher School program has been taken over by predominantly Christian schools that are teaching questionable things to the children. The books that these children are reading include lessons teaching that man and dinosaur walked the earth together; that dragons are real; that the majority of slave owners were nice guys; and best, but definitely not least, that Hippies were dirty people that followed Satan worshiping Rock Bands.
  • Jindal wrote that he was part of an exorcism in 1994. He never used the word exorcism but describes as scene where he was a part of a group that was chanting,"Satan, I command you to leave this woman." Then described the woman as being purified. He wrote down this experience for the New Oxford Review.
  • Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has spearheaded a measure that has drained tens of millions of dollars of Government money away from public schools and to Religious Private Schools. Opponents of the measure have argued that this is a clear violation of the separation of church and state clause of the 1st Amendment. Government cannot endorse a specific religion.
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