Coca-Cola Ad Sparks Mixed Reviews On Social Media

Mon Feb 03, 2014 06:52:05AM
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Little Italy, New York; 1900
Coke having a commercial with an American song in other languages... not cool. Coke. GTFO with that.

Can't believe Coke just committed corporate suicide during the Super Bowl.

Best ad of the first half: #Coke celebrating the immigrant spirit of patriotism in #AmericaIsBeautiful

Gotta give it to @CocaCola for having best of #superbowlcommercials with #AmericaTheBeautiful, glad they left God in it

These are just some of the responses of the most Tweeted about commercial of Super Bowl XLVIII. Coca-Cola aired ad that depicted people in iconic American scenes. Americans were shown at movie theaters, dinner tables, bustling metropolises, break dancing on the streets and swimming pools. People from all walks of life were depicted in the ad. There were Anglo-Saxxons, Native Americans, Muslims, Christians, the wealthy, the not-so-wealthy, and even a gay couple with their daughter. America the Beautiful played over the scenes and the lyrics cycled through different languages.

The ad itself was beautifully done. It showed the vast array of sub-cultures and the diverse spectrum of ethnicities that have come together in America. Coca-Cola then subtly and effectively placed their logo in the ad to give the viewer a feeling that Coca-Cola is American. Patriotism in advertising.

After the ad aired, many people bashed the idea that American culture is a combination of countless sub-cultures and ethnicities. They were horribly offended at the use of other languages being used in such a patriotic song. Many others praised ad. They said it moved or inspired them. Some say it gave the goosebumbs.

For me, this was easily the best game day commercial. Coca-Cola depicted America as it actually is, not as some uniform, monochrome, monolingual, society. America is melting pot of hundreds of cultures that have come together, mixed, and spawned hundreds of new cultures. It's a beautiful thing.

I highly recommend you check out the commercial here.
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