US Oligarchic declares opposition to dictatorships

Tue Dec 21, 2021 14:52:16PM

When America's Oligarchy made the declaration that it opposes dictatorships the only word that comes to mind is; hypocrisy.

Anyone even slightly familiar with the true history of the USA during the last 3 generations is aware that the gang of criminals in the CIA have been overthrowing by either murder or deposing legitimately elected leaders and replacing them with the most diabolical murdering, torturing dictators in countries all over the planet. If Americans are ever to regain their Republic then they must abolish this war criminal, war mongering and human rights abusing CIA agency.

Another trait of a dictatorship is its treatment of truth tellers like journalists, reporters and cameramen and the unjust criminal treatment of Manning, Snowden, Assange and many other honest journalists clearly reveals the Fascist nature of the US Oligarchy.

Anyone in America who is promoting, supporting or involved in the persecution and prosecution of Assange is nothing more then a Fascist traitor because what is at stake is Freedom 0f the Press.

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Robert O. Paxton who wrote the book on fascism would disagree with your broad characterization of fascism.. See his 2016 interview with Amy Goodman in Democracy Now. More recently in a Newsweek article, he said: "Trump's incitement of the invasion of the Capitol on January 6, 2020 removes my objection to the fascist label. His open encouragement of civic violence to overturn an election crosses a red line. The label now seems not just acceptable but necessary."

Please don't conflate the overt fascism of the Trump administration with the defense of democracy of the Biden administration.