Tue Nov 09, 2021 13:15:43PM

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was founded after WW II 75 years ago with the goal of protecting with a military force and modern weaponry the Allies in Europe so that mean boogieman Russia would leave them alone.

When the Soviet Union broke up 40 years ago NATO should have become extinct because the reason for its existence no longer existed, unfortunately, getting rid of useless bureaucratic military organizations is often impossible and today NATO is now trying to create a reason for its existence by going around the planet saberrattling near countries that believe its presence is threatening, annoying and just plain stupid.

Before these NATO lunatics start another world war III it would be prudent and very wise to abolish this dangerous, useless, troublesome incredibly stupid organization.

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1 yr 55 days ago
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I guess you have no clue at all what NATO is all about; Russia and China are still an threat to Europe . Also it prevents the individual EU countries to have an more coherent weapons systems and can help each other and the US in certain conflicts. It did help the US in a big way in Iraq and Afghanistan. So the stupidity is here in the US not in NATO. Sorry the US starts wars (not NATO) unless Poland attacks Russia, then NATO has to help them. Thus Connie do your homework.
1 yr 52 days ago
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Trump thought the same thing, but he overlooked the fact that NATO does a lot more than guard against Russia. Here's a list: