How To Make Billions From a Pandemic

Fri Oct 15, 2021 13:21:49PM

One can only marvel at how profitable a Pandemic can be.

Big Pharma, Amazon and the techie industries have been making tax free billions more since the arrival of the Covid virus began because that greedy corrupt Oligarchy in Washington DC is so fond of these Robber Barons since they have been so generous with their campaign contributions.

The truth is that America has the most corrupt government in US History and is in the running for that title in human history.

The only way the American people will get back their Republic is when they destroy that Oligarchy in Washington DC.

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Wow, you are making some strong unsupported allegations when you say that the current [Biden?] government is the most corrupt in US history and "running for that title in human history". Have you not paid attention to the Trump presidency? The Ronald Reagan presidency? The Nixon presidency? or going further back, how about Warren Harding or Andrew Jackson?

Exaggeration to make a point makes the reader doubt the writer. I disagree with your premise to destroy the current government. On Big Pharma you have a point.