CHRISTIAN + ISLAM = KUMBAYA...How real is it?

Tue Sep 14, 2021 16:42:16PM

"Kum ba yah" ("Come by Here") [kumbaya] is an African American spiritual [song]of disputed origin... with ties to enslaved West Africans. The song is thought to have spread from the islands to other Southern states and the North, as well as other places in the world. The song was originally an appeal to God to come and help those in need. Wiki

These religious extremist people are not in contact with reality. Islamic and Christian fundamentalists have proven to be deluded and dangerous cult members. (I'm thinking "suicide vest" and "abortion clinic" etc. bombers) We're talking about more than dangerous religious stunts such as drinking poison, handling deadly snakes, or driving knives into the religious practitioner's skull.

There are indications/suggestions that these two religions, who have historically engaged in slaughtering each other starting around the Middle Ages Crusades (which were ongoing just short of 200 years) are going to sing Kumbaya together.

The next major clashes I think, were the attacks of the blind sheik, and 9-11 on Americans, then the Jihadists in Afghanistan (Does the shoe Bomber count?). I'm not forgetting T. McVeigh, White Christian nationalist, and militarily decorated terrorist. He is in second place after Bin Laden. Now, will these ideas join together in a Kumbaya, a religious sharing of right-wing draconian solidarity? In the past, present, and likely the future, Christian and Muslim nations, have been well-practiced blood-thirsty Imperialists.

They proclaim their forced intrusions, subsequent mayhem, thievery, usurping, and victimizing of nations and cultures as "Holy and ordained by God". These religious fundamentalist groups share a similar mentality and desire for autocratic theocracy that transcends Islamaphobia (Think: Jihad) or Christophobia (Think: Manifest Destiny). Politics does make strange, if not frightening, bedfellows. Right-wing theocratic fundamentalists of various ilk are moving to form coalitions to defeat democracy and replace it with theocracy. This time is upon us...again... in America.

If you threaten to cut off my head, stone me or burn me at the stake, I will sign a document saying the earth is 4000 years old instead of billions of years old. I will testify that dinosaurs were on board the ark with Noah and all the other beasties during the world flood that never happened, I'll admit Mary was knocked up by God, that Jesus walked on water and... after being crucified, speared, and killed by Romans, arose from the dead. You'll have to coach me on the Muslim stuff because I don't know your mythology well...but yah I get that Christians and Muslims have a partially shared, but mostly fake, religious history. My family happened to be on a then unknown continent when you Christians and Muslims made all that crap up. OK...Also, if I get a "Get out of GITMO (sans enhanced interrogation) Free" card and a document signed by the Ayatollah promising not to cut off my limbs or blind me, I'll tell you where Moe's Camel Hair Snowboots are.

Here are five common shared beliefs of the 2 religions:

Commandments - People of both faiths believe in similar rules given by God for all people and obeying them keeps humankind in a right relationship with God. [Doesn't often apply to Priests who touch Pee Pees or murder Native Children]
Mary - Both Muslims and most Christians believe Mary was a virgin and that Jesus was born miraculously. [Yep]
Messiahs miracles - Islam and Christianity both ascribe that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah and did perform miracles. [umm humm]
Satan - Both Muslims and Christians believe Satan is real and evil and that he tries to make people follow him instead of God. [Oh?]
The return - The two faiths believe Jesus will return from Heaven. [Yep]

[This is from a list of 17 similarities From a Georgia Newspaper]

The intent of the article above was to infer that a Divine and beautiful "kumbaya" relationship is what to expect between Christians and Islamists. The "Devil is in the details" regarding this imagined relationship.

Let us unite together in faith, sharing covenantal cultures and protecting families in a changing world. Reaching out with kindness and understanding is a simple way to bring a little peace to the world around us. [Last parapraph of the aticle referenced above.]

Nick Gier, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Idaho points out other similarities that are more realistic, IMO, than the Georgia article does:

There are some chilling parallels between Christian and Islamic fundamentalists. Both divide the world between believers and unbelievers, and by deciding for themselves who is saved and who is damned, they think that they can play God with our lives. Both have also declared war on the secular culture of liberal democracy, the most peaceful and prosperous means of social organization ever devised by humankind. They both reject the separation of church and state and would set up governments based on their own views of divine laws.

Of greatest concern, however, is the fundamentalist view of the violent end of the world. A common scenario is a great war in the Middle East in which the armies of God destroy the armies of Satan. Radical Muslims of course identify Israel and the US as the forces of evil, but Christian fundamentalists see Islam as the ultimate enemy. The horrifying implication is that the Jews, Muslims, and Christians of the Middle East will be the primary victims of this holocaust. [if such a holocaust should occur, it would likely spread to the USA.] ...

Another parallel between Christian and Islamic fundamentalism is a desire to make religious laws the laws of the land. In his regular column in Wilson’s Credenda Agenda (vol. 3: nos. 9, 11), Greg Dickison, member of Wilson’s Christ Church and a Moscow public defender, states that "if we could have it our way,” then there would be capital punishment for “kidnapping, sorcery, bestiality, adultery, homosexuality, and cursing one's parents. ” [Priests might still touch Pee Pees] Dickison also quotes biblical passages (without qualification) that support slavery as "ordained and regulated by God," death for apostasy (Deut. 13.6-9), and cutting off a woman’s hand for touching a strange man's genitals (Deut. 25.11,12). [I always make an effort not to be a "strange man" around women]

Link [The full ariticle isn't too long and contains useful details.]

It was surprising to me to see another "Southern" Newspaper, The Tennessean, presenting yet another imagined Christian-Islamic "Kumbaya" joining together.

The foundational principles of our country set down by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who owned a copy of the Quran...Far from a civilizational war, we see a situation in which two religions have much in common, but this commonality is too often lost in the turmoil and din of antagonistic voices who push a politics of fear and division.

There have been many problems and conflicts that have unfortunately existed between Christians and Muslims over the centuries, and will continue to exist, as the close relationship and theological bonds were forgotten under the pressures and priorities of contemporary politics. But these political conflicts do not negate this rich history and theology. [barf-Gag]

For many of the conflicts and challenges across the Muslim world, the Trump administration and politicians around the country should not be working to promote further conflict between Christianity and Islam through the frame of a civilizational war. They should, rather, focus on what is held in common between these two great world faiths in order to work together to solve any seemingly insurmountable issues. Link

The worst-case scenario is that one or both of these religious and/or Nationalist extremist groups touches off a nuke or two or three or some other doomsday WMD. There will no doubt be a lot of praying after that. Until then be vigilant so we don't have to salute the "Black-Backed Star Splattered Cresent Trumpenheimer".

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