'Gravity' Wins 7 Oscars, '12 Years A Slave' Wins Biggest Honor

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'Gravity' cleaned up at this year's Academy Award ceremonies, taking home 7 total Oscar statues, most notably with Alfonso Cuaron winning for Best Director. 'Gravity' almost swept in every technical award the show had: Directing, Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and Visual Effects. The only category 'Gravity' was nominated for and did not win was with Best Production Design; that one went to 'The Great Gatsby'. That accounts for 6 of the 7 for 'Gravity'. The 7th Oscar awarded to them was for Best Original Score.

Like with so many Academy Award ceremonies though, the film entry with the highest statue count at the end of the night did not directly translate into the overall winner, receiving the top honor of Best Picture. That statue was bestowed to Brad Pitt and company for producing '12 Years A Slave'.

'12 Years a Slave' received a total of 3 Oscars this year: Best Picture, Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Lupita Nyong'o), and Best Adapted Screenplay.

My personal favorite film of this year (or to be honest my favorite of the last several years) was Spike Jonze's 'Her'. While it was not a star of the night, 'Her' did win for Best Original Screenplay. I was happy to see that. Reminded me of last year when Quentin Tarantino won for 'Django Unchained'. Both years, they at least got that category 100% right. Nicely done, Mr. Jonze.

Overall, this was a strong year for cinema. Last year, I felt that 'Argo' was a safe and boring pick for Best Picture. But going with '12 Years a Slave' was a good choice this time around. If you haven't seen the film, I highly recommend it. While I still say that 'Her' is better, '12 Years a Slave' is some powerful stuff. You can skip 'Argo' altogether.

For complete list of this year's nominees and winners, check out: The Official Oscar List
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