NBA-Expect High Scores, NCAA-Expect Realistic Scores

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Over the past few years there has been an obvious, yet steadily growing problem with the NBA. The game is getting more and more unrealistic. It seems the defensive end of the sport is gone, and has opened the door to outrageous scoring and expectations. Although the basics of the sport stay the same, it is unmistakable how repetitive the game has become. Offense get's the ball... runs it down...score. Opposing team gets the ball, runs it down to a most definite score. Throw in an occasional dunk and fancy layup and boom, that's it, over and over. Now you have just sat down for an hour to watch two great teams practice their suicides in front of thousands of screaming people.

Don't get me wrong, I would not hold up for any substantial amount of time at all with these guys but that's the point, they are supposed to be the best in the country/ world at what they do, and I don't think they (the defense) are able to shine at all anymore. With that being said, I cannot help but notice how it continues to look like an orchestrated show the players practiced the night before. This sport along with the NFL, keep strangling these great games with their owners very own growing political, and commercial concerns.

Now on the other hand, you have college ball, which I along with others greatly enjoy. Where did all of the "spark" from the NBA run off to? I believe it is right here in the hands of these young, striving athletes. There is no denying that the athletes play harder in their early career vs. "making it" in the NBA/NFL or any other major league sport for that matter. And yes, I am completely aware that college teams can also have swarms of different allegations and "political issues" in some cases, with much more concern than the NBA. Such as the players receive no salary or ANY payment at all, with the threat of having their dreams taken away from them if they accept anything from anyone with the game in mind PERIOD.

I hope there will be a change for the better soon, and bring the old game back for everyone's sake. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing one of your favorite sports slowly but surly change into something you do not like... Theater.

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