How to Watch the Impeachment Hearings on TV and Online

Protester holding a sign calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump.By: Mark Dixon

All eyes are on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence as they hold the first public impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump since they launched their investigation into his actions regarding the release of aid authorized by Congress to the country of Ukraine. Trump is accused of withholding that aid until the President of Ukraine publicly announced that he would investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, over the latter's business dealings in Ukraine.

The House of Representatives, with the House Intelligence leading, has been conducting the first phase of the impeachment investigation behind closed doors. The next phase of the investigation is live hearings for the nation, and world, to see. Chairman Adam Schiff and Ranking Member Devin Nunes will each get 45 minutes at the beginning of the hearing, which they can use for themselves or pass off to their designated lawyers.

Every major provider is broadcasting the hearings live. You can watch it on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and likely many others. Or you can watch it below on C-Span's live stream.

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