Draft Dodger-In-Chief Just Won't Stop Attacking John McCain

Wed Mar 20, 2019 19:29:35PM

John McCain speaking at the 2016 Arizona Manufacturing Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.By: Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump, a rich kid who received five deferments from the Vietnam draft, somehow decided that now was a good time to resurrect his feud with the deceased war hero. Trump has been in a public spat with Senator McCain's daughter in recent days, which culminated in an unhinged rant against McCain's family for not thanking him for giving them the funeral that Senator McCain wanted.

The fight between the former Senator and the toddler in the White House resurrected when Donald lashed out at McCain after watching a Fox News segment where former Special Prosecutor Ken Starr criticized McCain for his handling of the so-called "Steele Dossier," a document that contained salacious details about Trump and his ties to Russia that has largely been proven to be accurate despite Trump's insistence to the contrary. The segment prompted Trump to Tweet attacking the Senator for his role in handling the document, among other things.

This all prompted a rebuke from Senator McCain's daughter where she hit Donald where it hurts the hardest, his ego. Megan McCain derided Donald for "spend[ing] his weekend obsessing over great men because he knows it and I know it, and all of you know it, he [Trump] will never be a great man.”

Not surprisingly, Donald didn't appreciate someone telling the truth about him, so he decided that a speech in front of factory workers in Ohio was a good time to jump all over Senator McCain's grave. The only question now is whether this will finally push Republicans to grow a spine and stand up for the late Senator or if they will continue to be complicit in the complete degradation of political discourse. I'm not holding my breath.

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Various political analyst have been suggesting that Trump was given several days advance warning that Mueller report was going to drop on March 22nd and he was also given a verbal, unofficial overview of the contents (no specific dertails). Enough info that he would allow him to go on the offensive to discredit the report in advance. The speculation is that the attacks on McCain are to blame the late senator and hero for some damage that is in the report. Since McCain is dead, he can't refuted any of what Trump says. The report is unlikely to reference McCain, but Trump may know enough about the report that there are several unnamed or redacted sources that provided damaging information about Trump activities. Blaming a dead man allows Trump to make up further lies that would exceed even the worst of Hollywood screenplay. In Trump's version of events McCain becomes a traitor to the US as undercover spy for foreign enemies, etc, etc, etc.

I'm sure if I'll get censured on this, but Trump is complete fucking asshole.

So there.
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1713 days ago
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Yes Jared, how low can you go; why is this guy still in office? In any other civil country he would have been gone. I guess the antique stupid laws here manipulated thru centuries by greedy lawyers are the cause, Finally Warren says the "electoral college" should be scrapped, but if that ever happens I doubt that. Sorry to say, Trump may even get an second term, because of all the corruption via him and his family. This country thrives on corruption even in the election system. I bet he will go even lower than the McCain thing; no one stops him, even if he kills someone on Times Square. Amen
1713 days ago
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I just can't stop thinking about how Fox "News" would be covering this if a Democrat - ANY DEMOCRAT - said what Donald spewed out of his mouth.