Michael Cohen Unloads on "Racist" and "Conman" Trump in Congressional Testimony

Donald Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen speaking to reporters. By: IowaPolitics.com

Donald Trump's former "fixer" and personal lawyer Michael Cohen unloaded on his onetime hero in a 30-minute opening statement where he, among a myriad of other things, called the President of the United States a "racist" and a "conman" who only cares about himself. Cohen also testified that Trump, despite his numerous denials to the contrary, knew in advance of the hacked DNC emails that Wikileaks released the same day multiple women publicly accused then candidate Trump of sexual assault.

Cohen, who is due to report to prison on May 6, 2019, was contrite throughout much of his opening statement, but became emotional while describing the myriad of crimes and questionable behavior Donald Trump directed him to do. He also produced a signed check written by Donald Trump, written months after being sworn in as President, that was given to him as part of his reimbursement for paying a porn star Trump had an affair with hush money to keep her from going public with their affair before the election. That seemingly innocuous disclosure directly implicates Trump in (yet another) crime.

You can watch Cohen's entire opening statement below:

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