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Dutchworldwide experience
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156 days ago
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Guy, that is what you get if people select religion above common sense. Religion always has been an curse on humanity. How many people have been killed because of it through the centuries from day one. Until now no one has any proof of how the universe came into being let alone if a single "god" thing runs it. The ridiculous part of it is animal like behavior just to get power over the people via lies, human written books of only about 6000 years old as well other "tools" to indoctrinate simple minded human beings. The whole thing in Israel is just an "power play" in which the US is sticking its big nose into it to make the human suffering only worse. Sorry that land belongs to the Palestinians not the Jews. The same as with the US this land did belong to the Indians, who are now also treated as with the Palestinians. It is that people do fight for their territory just like animals do; it is in our genes. Such will go on forever; the human animal is an strange creature.
156 days ago
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Nice summary on a complicated issue.

I would have added:

1) the the Jews too rebelled against the British rule after WW2.
2) a two-state solution was offered in 1948, but the Palestinians rejected it.

I usually try to stay out these Isreal discussions as the truth is hard to find. But these two facts are important to know.
The intellectual ancestors of the current Zionist occupation regime in Palestine went in for a vicious campaign against those who'd fought Hitler, constantly shooting British troops in the back and booby-trapping their bodies, blowing up hotels and similarly demonstrating which side they were on.