"A Perceived Conclusion"

Sat Apr 07, 2018 01:09:37AM

"A Perceived Conclusion"

The reason behind "Fact, fiction and the gray" " Liberty, Freedom and being "ok"" "The crack whore conundrum" and "Annie, get 'chur guns!!!" is to point out that the way we attack every lion in our lives is not based on factual evidence. They are based on some scientific evidence but mostly on our experiences and how we attacked them before.

If your lion is "what if I just throw myself off this cliff?" Then you may well be able to calculate your speed at impact but the fear you have for proximity to the edge is based on horror stories told to you and played out in your brain.

Further if your lion is to stop gun violence you will fall back on the stats and scenes from media and those played in your mind.

You "know" yelling and calling people idiots "will" bring about the change. The problem is your attack is misguided, yelling and belittling only deeper entrenches the opposition's view.
If yelling and protesting worked the Vietnam War would have ended before it started.

What needs to be seen is the underlying need to possess a gun on the first place.

If it is out of protection the question needs be asked what makes them so afraid they need a pistol, an assault rifle or rifles in the first place.

To attack this perceived need as anything other than brilliant is to not understand how the brain works.

To get them away from this factual need you need to help them into the reality that life, mostly, isn't. To help them to be comfortable enough in their skin to be able to see the lethality as a negative.

Their existence is likely in a state, imagined or not, of stress hormones. For them this survival state and the Adrenaline which sharpens their mind makes their reality of the "facts and figures" irrelevant to them. They have already built in a safeguard for their lion's sharp teeth.

To get the guns away the reality of safety needs to be increased.

A move, in media, towards inclusion and a reduction of the plots wherein guns are the only and right answer. Education built around the reality of readily available weapons designed for death and nothing more to help to move everyone towards a better reality from an early age. That a foreign policy built around "yelling and calling people idiots" at the end of a gun, is designed to bring about later conflicts and that it never is a road towards peace and a better life.

We need to build a society that can see that buying a gun to protect from people who are in turn are buying them doing the same is screwing Freedom, Liberty and being "ok" into an early grave.

Saying "no" or you shouldn't doesn't take into account that it is a FACT they need the guns.

Try to attack your lions with a larger perspective and perhaps the Worldwide problem of guns, drugs, differences can be changed for good.

Good luck out there,
Robert Peters

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1 yr 277 days ago
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Nice article
Maybe this idea can be taken a step further: "What if everyone packed a weapon with them at all times?"

It's kind of hard to see a safer world with more liberty and freedom, when the citizenry is constantly thinking about watching the strangers around them----because they have guns too.
lonely bird"we the people" are stupid.

1 yr 261 days ago
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I've been well aware of the fact that humans are irrational. That fact, in and of itself, underscores why rational, reasoned, fact-based arguments do not and will not change the minds of people. Belief structure, key word being "belief", are extremely difficult if not impossible to change.

We need only look at the difference between the Austrian school, the Chicago school and behavioral economics to see how irrational people really are.

This does not mean that you arguments do not have merit, they do. What it does mean is that changing people's minds is almost impossible because they aren't using their reasoning centers.
Hello lonely bird,
I agree but try not to look at as an impossible mountain. Combating belief is extremely difficult but that doesn't mean that they can't be combatted in a different way. It simply means that what has been utilized so far hasn't brought about the change needed. They need to feel better in their skin and if they are in an Adrenaline state they that is what needs to be addressed. The belief of "gun good" came earlier than even religious belief. So it is to make them feel safer and not need the guns. If the gov says "no more" thousands of people will end up dying as soon as someone walks down the street to collect them.
Thanks for your input.

Good luck out there