Joe Biden: If I don’t run in 2020, 'it’s not because I’m afraid of losing'

Sun Mar 25, 2018 17:06:49PM
Joe Biden told a crowd at Southern Connecticut State University on Friday that the country can't afford eight years of the current Republican administration.

"We're in a battle for the soul of this nation," Biden said.

If he chooses not to run, Biden said, it will be because there’s a better candidate or he’s not emotionally ready.

"I have to be able to stand in front of a mirror and look in the mirror and know that if I don’t run, it’s not because I’m afraid of losing, it’s not because I don’t want to take on the responsibility, it’s because there’s somebody better to do it and/or because emotionally I’m not positioned to be all in," Biden explained.

Joe Biden made the comments before more than 1,500 people at Southern Connecticut State University, hours after he was in Maryland to accept the Naval Academy Alumni Association’s Distinguished Graduate Award on behalf of Sen. John McCain.

"John McCain is a very close friend of mine and a political opponent and he’s in tough shape and he asked me to go to Annapolis and speak for him," Biden said. "He’s my friend. So of course I went."
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Very high probability that Biden will run in 2020. I think he would have beat trump in 2016 because he appeals to trump's base, or maybe I should say, the swing voters would have gone for him instead of trump.