Jim: The James Foley Story (HBO Documentary Films)

Wed Jan 17, 2018 04:37:30AM

Highly recommend this documentary to everyone. It is not a political documentary, it a humanitarian documentary.

I shall say upfront I was skeptical about it because I studied film making in college and learned that is so easy to make so-called documentaries that are really just propaganda films. With this one I got the sense it was likely to a be typical American story about how America is perfect and rest of the world is a mess. One thing for sure, the film did help me better appreciate America because we do not to have bombs going off in our neighborhoods while children are playing in the streets, and we can go to the store without getting shot at. In some places in the world, that is daily life, most of the population are in the cross-fire between to warring political\religious factions.

What is I like about this film was the portrayal of freelance journalist, Jim, who comes from a upscale family with 5 kids, all excelling at whatever they do, an idealistic family where their problems never rise above having a flat tire driving their luxury car to their high income job. Jim goes from the typical college grad son that has everything, thinks he knows everything, into transforming into a freelance Journalist that, over time, gives away or sells all his material positions, and becomes a much more content person with very little more than what he can carry. It’s a bit like the journey of Buddha, where someone of privilege leaves his home and experiences the pain and suffering of others, and as a result find it impossible to live a life of privilege when so many people struggle to survive.

More info at jamesfoleyfoundation.org/

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