They left him behind

Sat Oct 21, 2017 09:06:29AM

They left Sargent Johnson behind. He was found two days later , a mile away from where the fight took place. These fucking private contractors , the illegal private army run by Eric prince the evil criminal who has his own army is most likely the cowards who left Sargent Johnson behind. His beacon was on , he was alive. We must have a autopsy and a full investigation. This is explosive. The army does not leave men behind. Eric Prince is a criminal , it is illegal to have your own army. This is dick Cheney legacy. This is W the idiots legacy. General Kelly is a lier . He long can the lier press secretary huckterobee keep lying fr a living . How dare she tell us we cannot question former general Kelly on his lies.

They left a man behind. Disgraceful.

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We do not know the facts yet so much of this is speculation Yes, there are reports that his locator beacon was transmitting meaning he might still have been alive and maybe not if the insurgents took his body a mile away and dumped it. There are other worst case scenarios considering the closed casket. I suspect that considering how long its been since the attack happened, much of the truth is being suppressed. We can expect it will take a long time before the public gets any more knowledge directly from the Pentagon. It's also not fertile grounds for journalists to be wandering around.