Decoding the Language of Donald Trump

Sat Sep 16, 2017 05:55:46AM

This interview with Columumia University's Linguistics, Professor McWhorter, is interesting because he's not a politcian, he is strictly focused on how donald trump speaks and how we can better understand trump when he he talks.

Example: "Nobody knew" = Trump didn't know, and assumes if he didn't know, then nobody else did either.

McWhorter also points out that great leaders in history don't seek to master the art of bullshit. When a great leader speaks, they are careful about what they say because they know people are listening, they hold themselves to a very high level of integredity, not pissing on people verbally excepting them react as if its no big deal, or consider it to be a badge of honor to have been verbally abused by person in a powerful position.

Here is a clip from Last of Mohicans (first minute of clip) where the Huron chief speaks clearly, but chooses his words carefully\logically\tacticly for whole the tribe to understand. It's example of what McWhorter references in term of leaders who understand their position and importance.

In this scene if trump was the Cheif, trump would have been intimidated by the Huron warrior "Magua" (aka Steve Bannon), and order that they all be burned to death by saying something like: "see what happens to disloyal losers and people who are not Huron, they suck, bad and sick people"

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