Bill Maher Brings on Obama Impersonator to Read Trump Quotes

Sat Aug 05, 2017 16:25:18PM

Seth MacFarlane speaking at a ceremony for Bill Maher reeiving his Hollywood star. By: Angela George

"Real Time" host Bill Maher has had it with how Republicans have a different set of rules when it comes to how they respond to what the President says now that he is a member of their own party, so he brought out Obama impersonator Reggie Brown to read some of Trump's most memorable quotes. What followed is eight minutes of cringe worthy hilarity.

Maher's point is that Republicans would be screaming bloody murder if Obama said half of the things Trump has said, but are eerily silent when it comes out of Donald Trump's mouth. He has a point considering Republicans spent eight years bashing Obama for the slightest thing, but now bend over backwards to explain away Trump's frequent tantrums.

Watch the clip and ask yourself how the Republicans would have responded to these quotes had they come out of President Obama's mouth.

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Yes I did see his show; the only thing in which he was kind of timid, was with the "evangelical" nutcase. He should have said more clearly that churches should pay property taxes as well and that of the churches income, only 10 to 15% end up at the needy.
Related to the Obama thing,sure that was hilarious.