Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting so They Can Publicly Laud Him

Mon Jun 12, 2017 18:04:49PM
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Donald Trump and Mike Pence displaying a signed Executive Order

It must be extremely difficult and depressing to be a cabinet secretary in the Trump administration. Not only do you have to defend the indefensible in your day-to-day activities, but you also have to be hauled into a cabinet meeting and heap praise on your boss in order to help feed his ego and keep your job.

This is the world we now live in. The President of the United States holds a cabinet meeting and makes every person at the table talk about how awesome he is.

Thanks, Donald?

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Famous sadistic scene from Animal House:
I am going to make a blunt and crude analogy. It is like Trump told his chief of staff to inform the cabinet that everyone attending the meeting was to personally give Trump a BJ one by one, and then tell Trump how much they enjoyed doing it.
if this video looks familiar to you, it's because all of us have seen an earlier version:

oh, and the part about the stock market gaining $3 trillion in value since he was inaugurated, that is "not exactly the truth":
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It is Kinder Garten all over again; just an bunch of incompetent butt crawlers. I hope people saw my 1992 clip of Trump that he demands LOYALTY. This shows it again. I always could say to my boss whatever I wanted to say to get the work done. This is absolutely ridiculous for grownup people.