Does Ted Cruz have any self respect?

Thu Mar 09, 2017 06:47:58AM

I feel so bad for Ted Cruz's family and daughters. I don't blame Trump, I fault Cruz for requiring his family to show up to a dinner that symbolizes that Cruz has brought his wife to Trump's dinner so she can suck his dick while their daughters watch.

Normally I try to phrase things in such a way to avoid vulgar language, but in this case a vulgar analogy is dead on target. Its one thing that Trump attacks Ted Cruz personally during the campaign, but to insult\attack Cruz's wife was sooooo wrong. Its only compounds the insult that Cruz brings his family to have dinner with Trump, which is why the analogy fits; Cruz is symbolically saying he is capitulating to Trump, and brings his wife and daughters so they can meet the man who has total power over their entire lives, and if Trump were to ask for anything, his wife and daughters are expected to submit.

Of course Trump would never ask for oral sex at a dinner party (at least not in this situation), but he would test Cruz in smaller ways such as “Hey Ted, would you’re wife mind helping out in the kitchen? My wife is too busy entertaining the guests. Thanks, I knew I could put her to good use!

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lonely bird"we the people" are stupid.

2388 days ago
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To answer your question: Um, no, he doesn't.
wjm22162I Lean Left - get over it.

2395 days ago
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Some vulgar - yes... but in this case - justified.
Cruz is the ultimate lackey - whatever it takes to get press, even it means jumping on the failing Trump Train. He is a sad excuse for a politician. Texas has some real problems if this is the best they have to offer regarding congressional representation.
7.3k 32 69 11 4 Colorado Springs, CO

2392 days ago
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It's not only "Lyin TedCruz". It's the whole bunch of Republican opponents who ran against him with the exception of Lindsay Graham. "Little Marco" and his wife also had dinner at the White House. "Look at that face" Carla Fiorina met with Trump at Trump Tower looking for a job. She praised his "executive abilities". Sleepy Ben Carson, came crawling to Trump and landed a job after brown nosing him. Even Mitt Romney, who once rightly called Romney a "phony", had dinner with Trump and obligingly praised him afterward. All these Republicans and more came back to kiss his ring...or worse. It's why 88 percent of Republicans approve of Trump's performance... he's secretly admired for doing what he is doing. The "locker room talk" further endears him to the jock crowd. Many of the women who support him are already submissive to their husbands...evangelical women especially. The authoritarian bully has a certain appeal to the authoritarian follower.