Donald Trump is a threat to world peace

Tue Feb 28, 2017 18:44:02PM

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump’s hate-filled vitriol emboldened scores of his more rabid supporters, and hate crimes against Muslims, Hispanics, and Jews increased almost immediately. One of the most recent examples occurred on February 20, when more than 170 headstones in a Jewish cemetery in the St. Louis suburb of University City were vandalized. On the same day, 11 Jewish centers across the country received bomb threats, the 4th such wave of threats since the start of the year.

On February 25, another Jewish cemetery was vandalized, this time in Philadelphia. In both cases, local Muslims helped to repair the damage. In view of the fact that the former executive editor of Brietbart, Steve Bannon, is now the chief strategist for Trump, it is extremely unlikely that Trump will tone down his rhetoric at any time in the future. To make matters worse, a Breitbart writer named Julia Hahn will soon be joining the White House as a special assistant to Trump.

Crazy, of course, just goes along with anything related to Breitbart, as evidenced by the fact that writer Milo Yiannopoulus was forced to resign after he made comments IN SUPPORT OF PEDOPHILIA.

The damage being done by Trump is not limited to the United States. In a speech in Florida the other day, he referred to “last night’s event” in Sweden, despite the fact that NOTHING AT ALL HAD OCCURRED. His “source” for this story was none other than FOX “news” which had quoted from comments made by a less than reliable source in Sweden, which means that Trump puts more faith in FOX than he does in our own intelligence community, which underscores how stupid he really is. Predictably, riots broke out the next day in Sweden in immigrant communities, who were appalled at Trump’s comments.

If you’ve read Hillary Clinton’s book, “Hard Choices”, you know that diplomacy is a very delicate balancing act, and requires painstaking preparation and timing. Despite all your best efforts, the end result does not always go according to plan, and diplomats frequently have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

Like virtually all of Trump’s cabinet, Rex Tillerson is not qualified for his new role as Secretary of State, so it is a dead certainly that we will find ourselves in trouble someplace in the world on a fairly regular basis. Diplomacy also requires careful coordination with our allies, who already have come to the realization that we have elected a crazy person. Since Election Day, Trump has managed to irritate NATO, the UN, Mexico, China, Australia, England, Yemen, Iran, and (now) Sweden.

In much the same way that the Nazis needed the fire at the Reichstag to justify their repressive tactics, Trump NEEDS a war with Iran to bolster this misguided ideas about the use of our power. In response to Trump’s rhetoric, Iran fired a missile on January 30 in order to test Trump’s resolve. Amazingly, our Tweeter in chief has not responded - at least so far. A few days ago, Russia fired a missile (in violation of our nuclear arms treaty), which brought no response from Trump. He also has not commented on the Russian vessel that was recently discovered in international waters in fairly close proximity to our East Coast.

If you review the latest information on Trump’s cabinet picks, you’ll quickly realize that very few of them are actually qualified for the jobs that they were nominated for – and that is by design.

Steve Bannon admitted at the CPAC conference this week that the cabinet picks were made deliberately to “deconstruct regulations and agencies”, which means that they were selected specifically to destroy the agencies that they were put in charge of.

On February 25, trump announced that he would not be attending the 2017 White House Correspondent’s Dinner (which will be held on April 29), which makes him the first President in more than 30 years to NOT attend the event, Ever since Calvin Coolidge was the first president to attend the dinner (in 1924), 15 different presidents have attended the event every year. The last time that a president did not attend was Ronald Reagan in 1981, shortly after the March 30 assassination attempt on his life. Apart from the fact that trump has absolutely no sense of humor (which would have made the event a little awkward) another possibility is that he will no longer be President on April 29, a situation that would make the world a much safer place, which is definitely NOT what his request for a $54 billion increase is defense spending (at the expense of other social and environmental programs) would do.

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Dutchworldwide experience
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2210 days ago
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Yes he is an threat to world peace. But not only the "world" The total stupidity not to "vet" the guy before the "primary' shows that we should have strict "laws" about vetting an President.
Right now he's wheeling and dealing from his "palace in FL. Just sold one of his "casino's" as well according to MSNBC received $6o million for an estate sale where the Russians had involvement. But yeah this country keeps on sleeping. The lowest "human" action he pulled, was inviting the widow of the Yemen fallen "seal" at his slimy speech for the full House. Only to boost his own ratings.
uh ... meanwhile in Sweden ...
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2211 days ago
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While it is uncertain of how long Trump will last in the job before being removed, Republicans for now are supporting him as it is their golden opportunity to undue Obama legislation and enact their own for the benefit of corporations and the rich. The only thing that can really stop him is divisions within the Republican Party itself brought on in part by massive protests. Lesson learned -- when Democrats don't vote, elections have consequences.