delay the inauguration !

Thu Dec 22, 2016 03:59:39AM

Since 1937, the inauguration of our Presidents have taken place on January 20. Prior to that time, they were held on March 4. This has been an extraordinary election, which means that the inauguration date NEEDS TO BE CHANGED back to March 4.

I mailed the attached letter to Senator McCain yesterday. In my opinion, we cannot inaugurate a President until Congress has fully investigated how much influence Russia had in our election. It is doubtful that the proper inquiry could be made by January 20, so I would recommend that the inauguration date be moved back to March 4 for this election.

Here is my letter to Senator McCain:


Senator John McCain

407 West Congress

Suite 103

Tucson, AZ 85701


Like you, I am concerned about the fact that the Russian government may have been involved in our 2016 Presidential election, and I am thankful that you and Senator Chuck Schumer (as well as Senators Lindsey Graham and Jack Reed) are looking into allegations that Russia had caused President-elect Donald Trump to benefit from Russia’s participation. I am willing to bet the Senator Corey Gardner’s bill to authorize the Senate Select committee will pass, so that the investigation can proceed.

Both the CIA and the FBI agree that hacking HAD occurred, so it’s essential that the involvement should be investigated thoroughly AND quickly.

I disagree with Mitch McConnell’s opinion that a special investigation is not necessary, because it definitely IS in this case, due to the fact that Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the security of our country, and his recent conversations with Taiwan and China are ample evidence that he will very likely get us into diplomatic trouble sooner rather than later.

Not all special investigations are necessary, and the prime example of that are the Benghazi “investigations” that even former committee members admit were nothing more than a political witch hunt against Hillary Clinton. The fact that the “investigation” was officially closed days after the election speaks volumes about the integrity of the whole process, which consumed 4 years and $8,000,000 of taxpayer money.

As you are aware, the Electoral College was originally created to prevent “charismatic tyrants” (like Donald Trump) from becoming President. Unfortunately, the Electoral College failed its duty, and Donald Trump is now the official winner of the 2016 Presidential race, even though the more-qualified Hillary Clinton got close to 3,000,000 more votes. John Nichols of the Nation magazine published an article about the Electoral College on December 20, which you can read at the link below:

Fortunately, there is some historical precedent that can save us from the disaster that a Trump Presidency could present to America, and it goes all the way back to a Pennsylvania Senate race in 1993. Details of that decision can be found at the link below:

In 1993, fraud was committed by a DEMOCRAT running for a state senate seat. Once the fraud was uncovered, a judge awarded the position to his REPUBLICAN opponent.

It is common knowledge by know that hackers employed by the Russian government hacked into 4 different Democratic websites, and leaked information to Wikileaks and other sources. I’m no legal expert, but that type of action sounds an awful lot like treason to me. If fraud can get you tossed out of office, treason should do the same thing. Although one of the penalties for treason is death (see below), I’m not sure that it is necessary in this case. I would be happy if the guy with the orange hair was prevented from taking office, and was replaced by the REAL WINNER, who got roughly 3,000,000 more votes.

I saw this morning that you had started a PAC called Country First, and I applaud you for doing that. The election that we just held is glaring evidence why this PAC is necessary.

Both Mitch McConnell and James Comey knew about the Russian hacking sometime in October, but did not make their knowledge public. Mitch McConnell’s reward for his cooperation with the Trump campaign was a Cabinet position for his wife. Arguably, she may well be the most qualified of any of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks so far. Come to think of it, she is probably the ONLY candidate who actually IS qualified for the positions that they were nominated for.

James Comey explained that he did not want to make evidence of Russian hacking public because he did not want to affect the election, which potentially could be a violation of the Hatch Act.

However, on October 28 (2 days BEFORE an L.A. attorney names Randall Schoenberg obtained a search warrant to view information on Huma Abedin’s computer) he released a letter advising Congress that he was investigating emails found on the computer. Two days before the election, he conveniently released a statement that there was nothing incriminating on the emails, but by that time, the damage was done. The fact that Hillary Clinton lost Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan by a combined total of 80,000 votes meant that the election was literally stolen from her. In Nate Silver’s opinion, if the election had been held BEFORE Comey’s letter, she would have easily collected 270 votes. Incidentally, the recounts in both Pennsylvania and Michigan were suspiciously called to a halt, even though THOUSANDS of votes in the predominantly black city of Detroit remain uncounted to this day.

The only penalty for violating the Hatch Act is removal from office, and it is very obvious that James Comey needs to be removed from office as soon as possible, especially in view of the fact that he had a Trump sign in his front yard ( I have seen pictures of it ).

As you are probably aware, elections in Russia have been anything but fair in recent years, and Hillary Clinton’s criticism of those elections earned her a powerful enemy in the person of Vladimir Putin, who apparently was personally involved in making sure that Donald trump got elected. As reported by Time magazine in August, Donald Trump and his associates have SIGNIFICANT connections to Russia, so it is not surprising that Putin wanted to help Trump get elected.

Donald Trump IS correct about one thing, and that is that there WAS voter fraud in this election. However, the voter fraud was actually committed by Republican state legislatures who passed “voter ID” laws after the Supreme Court invalidated section 5 of the Voting Rights Act in June of 2013.

14 states have passed voter ID laws since 2011. Since there is virtually NO evidence of voter fraud being committed in this country, the real purpose of the laws is to prevent minorities (who tend to vote for Democrats) from voting. A few of these laws have been revoked by court systems. In the case of North Carolina, the judge had ruled that blacks had been excluded “with surgical precision”. I’m not quite sure how it would be possible to reverse those voter ID laws, but I suspect it would need to be done by a non-partisan review of the laws by members of Congress to determine if they are actually necessary.

Never forget the fact that Donald Trump insulted both you and Senator Flake during his campaign, and he also insulted 279 other people (the New York Times published their names) in addition to Mexicans and Muslims.

Thank you for listening


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I doubt this will have any success....delaying the swearing in.....but I appreciate your effort. Any resistance we can give trump and his regressive actions is for the good.