What if Donald Trump Said This About Your Daughter?

Donald Trump at a campaign event in Manchester, New HampshireBy: Marc Nozell

Would you want your daughter to be the subject of "locker room" talk if that talk was about sexually assaulting women? Donald Trump wants to be President of the United States and the President is a role model for young children. Is bragging about sexually assaulting women because you're rich something a role model would do?

Here is a link to this and every other Donald Trump scandal and controversy.

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Amazingly this had almost no impact by those who voted for him. Hypothetically, could he have gone as far as using he word "ni**er" in a recorded private conversation? like "look at those Ni**gers over there, they make me sick".... Would that have been too much, and sunk his campaign, or would it have little impact, like what is heard in the video?

I ask this question because there is a perception that Trump base primarily consists of people who have some strong racial biases. Maybe they are not racists against blacks, but they might have strong racist feelings against Muslims or immigrants.
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Dear America...

Tonight, we're ALL underneath a darkened sky.


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