5 Reasons Clinton Should Pick Biden as Her Running Mate

Fri May 06, 2016 15:25:37PM

President Obama and top advisers watching the raid on Osama bin Laden's compoundBy: White House

Hillary Clinton extending an olive branch to loyal Obama supporters by choosing to keep Vice President Biden on her ticket in would all but guarantee her winning the Presidency in November.

Think about it for a second. What other person has the approval rating, name recognition, and proven loyalty to the Commander-in-Chief than Vice President Biden? He is beloved by Democrats across the ideological divide and hasn't tried to steal the show by being a rival to President Obama. Instead, he has relished in his role as #2 and has shown that he will always put country over his own ambitions.

Here's five reasons why I think Secretary Clinton would be wise to pick Vice President Biden as her running mate.

1. Biden Won't be a Rival

Sure, Secretary Clinton can go for a flashy newcomer to the political scene that will excite this or that group in the Democratic Party and no one could blame her for doing so. Picking a Latin American or Asian American as her running mate will undoubtedly be exciting not just for those groups, but for the entire party.

One of the issues with this scenario is that Clinton runs the risk of being outshone by her VP and wind up dampening some of the excitement of her being the first female President in American history. Picking Biden negates that risk entirely. He would be a loyal adviser and confidant to Clinton while shying away from the spotlight.

Biden would also give Clinton advice without preconditions. He isn't interested in being President, so Clinton would never have to worry about him giving advice that would wind up suiting him politically while hurting her.

2. Democrats LOVE Joe Biden

It's hard to overstate how wildly popular Joe Biden is among Democratic voters. He has a deft understanding of the 'common man' Democrat while also leading the charge in the 1990's in passing 'The Violence Against Women Act.'

People can tell he's speaking from the heart whenever he talks and not just saying what he or his advisers think people want to hear. He also happens to have one of the highest approval ratings of a Vice President in modern American history.

3. Biden Has a Great Relationship With Congress

In this time of hyper partisanship, having someone who has a working relationship with members on both sides of the aisle could go a long way. Vice President Biden has been the point man in negotiating with Congress throughout President Obama's tenure and his expertise could go a long way in a Clinton Administration.

Congressional Democrats and Republicans alike respect and admire Biden and his many years in Congress helped him forge relationships that have helped bridge the ideological divide. An unknown Vice President will have to work hard to get that trust and that could wind up hurting Clinton's chances of getting anything of major importance done during her tenure.

4. Biden Will Won't Need Any Training Wheels

Vice President Biden knows what he's doing and won't have to take any time getting used to the job. He knows what's going on throughout the world and is privy to many of the top secret things that are done in the name of keeping Americans safe. He has been involved in every decision from killing Osama Bin Laden to navigating General Motors out of bankruptcy. He knows how to do his job and how to do it well.

5. Biden Can Bring in Democrats Who Aren't 100% With Clinton

It's not a secret that many Obama most ardent supporters are the biggest of fans of Secretary Clinton. What better way to bridge that divide than bringing in Vice President Biden as her running mate? It would bring the Democratic Party together at a time it desperately needs to in order to beat Donald J. Trump in November.

The number one goal of this election is to stop Donald J Trump from being the 45th President of the United States. A unified Democratic Party will be able to make that a reality if we join forces and bring together Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden as our nominees for President and Vice President.

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I don't really like Hillary, but I would take anyone but Cruz, Palin, and/or a Bush over Trump. I would vote for her anyway, Biden would just be an added bonus. I'd prefer a more progressive candidate however, like Senator Warren of Massachusetts.
Bernie2k16Member banned by moderators on 05/19/2016. All Profile information has been removed.

1654 days ago
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Why was the comment below censored?
1652 days ago
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The comment wasn't censored; the member was banned for violating multiple community rules. If the comment was censored then you wouldn't be able to read the comment.
Banned MemberMember banned by moderators on 10/04/2016. All Profile information has been removed.

1655 days ago
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I was once a Bernie supporter, I admire his honesty and his will. But Bernie will realistically not win. Hillary is not to be trusted.

Trump is against the establishment, and socially liberal like we are. And they have found there is economic benefits on BOTH sides of the US/Mexico wall.

The media, has portrayed Trump just as they have Bernie, terribly. Just because they aren't part of the establishment.
WildfireAbout Wildfire

1655 days ago
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I didn't know the same person could be VP for two different Presidents. But, if it's possible, I say yes. Biden would be a great choice for Hillary.
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1664 days ago
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Probably the two most qualified people to step into the presidency are Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. The 73 year old Biden would be an excellent choice, but I'm not so sure he would want the job. Also Hillary might want to select someone who would be groomed for carrying on the Obama/Clinton legacy after her eight years in office.
Dutchworldwide experience
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1664 days ago
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Jared, are you kidding? Sorry a big no no. No Mr. sleepy head please. He sure did a great job on gun control as tasked by Obama. It's time for someone "fresh" with new idea's. Why don't you appoint "grandma" she's sweet too and loved by every one.