Why I am Rooting for Trump Landslides on Super Tuesday and Why You Should be Too

Sun Feb 28, 2016 13:33:35PM

Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, NevadaBy: Gage Skidmore

Mark your calendars for March 1, 2016 because that is the date the Republican Party will likely be signing their 2016 death warrant by making a Donald Trump nomination virtually unstoppable.

Ten largely southern and deeply conservative states head to the polls on Super Tuesday and every indication is that Donald Trump will be having a very good day in the vast majority of those states. Some polls have him twenty points ahead in many of the states while others show a closer race, but if past is prologue then Trump supporters in the party are being grossly underestimated when it comes time to actual voting.

Trump already has a commanding lead in the delegate count and if he has a big day on Tuesday, which almost certainly will, then his lead may become insurmountable. Republicans, unlike the Democrats, don't have so called "Super Delegates" who can play a role in stopping a fringe candidate like Trump. That means the math is squarely on his side and there is nothing the establishment wing of the party can do about it.

A Trump candidacy, believe it or not, basically guarantees a Democratic landslide this November. I predict that not only will the Democrats retain the White House, but they will take back the Senate and make tremendous inroads in the House of Representatives.

Voters in swing states like Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, who have a tremendous amount of electoral college votes, very likely wouldn't vote for Trump. Other moderate states who usually go Republican but not by much may also very well swing to the left either by voting for the Democratic candidate or staying home in November in protest.

If that weren't bad enough for Republicans, the math in the Senate is already skewed heavily against them. The GOP has 24 seats up for grabs while the Democrats only have 10. Many of the GOP seats are in swing or traditionally blue states and a Trump nomination will almost certainly hurt those vulnerable Senators and virtually guarantee the Senate swing back to Democratic control in January of next year. That new Democratic majority would potentially be able to push through anyone President Obama nominates to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by Antonin Scalia.

So for those of you who fret about a Trump nomination, I encourage you to think otherwise. We should all be rooting for Trump on Super Tuesday and onward because if he is the Republican nominee then the Republican Party as we know it will cease to exist.

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1715 days ago
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I was once a Bernie supporter, I admire his honesty and his will. But Bernie will realistically not win. Hillary is not to be trusted.

Trump is against the establishment, and socially liberal like we are. And they have found there is economic benefits on BOTH sides of the US/Mexico wall.

The media, has portrayed Trump just as they have Bernie, terribly. Just because they aren't part of the establishment.
According to recent polls, Donald Trump is the least popular American politician in the last 40 years. He's actually almost as unpopular as Richard Nixon was right after her resigned. It he actually becomes the Republican nominee, it would be a blessing for the Demorats.


House minority leader Steny Hoyer just released a statement that confirms what you recently posted. In his opinion, the Democrats are going to pick up a lot of seats in Congress during the November election.

He also referenced a recent CBS poll that showed that 60% of the Republican primary voters were embarrassed of their party, and 2/3 of the American public does not think that Trump is a responsible candidate to be President.

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1770 days ago
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I do not think it is that simple. The Trump fanatics as well the "evilgelicals" will fight to the bitter end. So may be the Dems may win in the end, but the war is not won. Take for instance all the GOP governors; they certainly will not budge. Especially here in FL Mr. Scott gave his support to Trump, so he will continue being the corrupt asshole he is.
So I wonder if the GOP will obstruct even more state wise.
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1771 days ago
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When are we going to stop playing games? It sounds a lot like a bunch of men standing around measuring. Why must it always be a game? Unless people other than the U.S. Citizens have already decided who they have chosen.

Let's look at this: We have two democrats running. One is the choice of the DNC. One appears to be the choice of the people. One doesn't poll well against the Trumpeter. One polls miles above the Trumpeter.

Why not vote true to our "real" Democratic ideals? What is best for the country?A couple/few clowns from an political organization deciding that playing games is more important than fighting for a better life?

Why not vote for the one that can win and has the support of most of the populous.

Do we really want to go the way of the Republican Party? Self destructing our futures?

Any democrat that votes for a Republican should stand in line with the DNC brass and leave our Party!