Pundits Should Look Back to '08 Before They Count Bernie Out

Mon Feb 22, 2016 15:52:13PM

Sen. Bernie Sanders waiving to supporters at his Presidential kickoff rallyBy: Jake Bucci

Beltway media and politicians alike have already begun writing Bernie Sanders 2016 obituary after his loss to Secretary Clinton in the Nevada caucuses, but what they seem to be forgetting is that they began writing his 2016 obituary since he threw his hat into the ring last fall. They said he had no chance against a powerhouse like Secretary Clinton and that he would be out of the race before the voting even begins. A virtual tie in Iowa and an overwhelming win in New Hampshire later and they still can't admit that he is a legitimate rival to Mrs. Clinton. They are doing so at their peril.

The 2016 Democratic Primary race seems to have a sense of déjà vu all over again. For those who were too young or have forgotten, the 2008 campaign pitted an underdog Senator no one gave a chance against the heir apparent of the Democratic Party. This underdog Senator struck a chord in the Democratic base and went on to win the nomination, and the Presidency, after a grueling primary campaign.

President Obama won the 2008 Democratic nomination for many reasons, but one thing he understood was that the American people are longing for a candidate who understands their problems and will fight for them after they get in office. Senator Sanders is that candidate this election cycle. From his early days as a political activist during the civil rights movement to serving the public as a mayor, U.S. Representative, and eventually U.S. Senator, he has spent his life fighting for the causes he believes in. I have no doubt he will do the same thing when he is elected President.

Current state polls show Senator Sanders ahead or within striking distance in the states that really matter this November. It's true that Secretary Clinton maintains wide leads in southern and other traditionally Republican states, but Senator Sanders is close or ahead in the solidly Democratic and many of the swing states. Those are the states Democrats need to really pay attention to because those are the states that are likely to decide who becomes the nominee in 2016.

As the old saying goes, "it ain't over till it's over" and the Democratic Primary is far from over. Senator Sanders has become a formidable challenger to Secretary Clinton against all odds and anything can happen between now and the time the final primary vote is cast.

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1163 days ago
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I was once a Bernie supporter, I admire his honesty and his will. But Bernie will realistically not win. Hillary is not to be trusted.

Trump is against the establishment, and socially liberal like we are. And they have found there is economic benefits on BOTH sides of the US/Mexico wall.

The media, has portrayed Trump just as they have Bernie, terribly. Just because they aren't part of the establishment.
Dutchworldwide experience
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1218 days ago
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Bernie is the only one who mentioned that we should stop being the "policeman" of the world, as well stop our stupid meddling all over the world. Like removing dictators, which only got us into deeper shit.
He's got my vote; it is about time we get things in order in this country first before we dictate others; lets fix our bridges, roads and infrastructure before spending more and more on weapons, which give no return on investment for the common folks..
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1220 days ago
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I think the DNC should take note. The people, mostly Democrats are fed up with politics as usual. Clinton is the definition of "usual." Bernie is the first politician that has spoken directly to the people in decades. We hoped with Obama. But the Party let everyone down. Now we have Bernie. The people believe in change being our only hope. Bernie is the only one running that is offering real Democratic change. The DNC can try to take our voice away by the "Super Delegates." But what do you think will be OUR reaction? We are already angry, what's next?

We need some heat! Feel the BERN!
1228 days ago
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I think its time that Federal politics is cleaned up and I believe that Bernie Sanders is driven to do just that. Legislative gridlock is going to continue until we get major finance campaign reform. This country can do much better. I felt ashamed when I saw a news clip about some of the schools in Michigan. We are the richest country in the world. Why should our children be going to schools such as this and why should our academic achievements be lower than most industrialized nations? Oregon is already offering free public education to High School and GED graduates. It was just a matter of a government getting its priorities straight. That is what I believe Bernie Sanders has to offer the American people.