'Dancing With The Stars' History and Co-Host Change

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On the set of 'Dancing With The Stars', Rati Tsiteladze 11/26/2012By: Danelia.ekaterine
The ABC competition show 'Dancing With The Stars' is heading into its 18th season. The show's only been around since June of 2005. The way the math works out here is ABC airs a full season twice a year, once during "the spring" (March to May) and another during "the fall" (September to November). The sole exception was the first season. They still began with two seasons, but the series debut was in the summer slot (June to July) and the second season played out in the winter (January to February). After instant ratings success, the schedule was changed and has been the same ever since.

If you've never watched 'Dancing with the Stars', the premise is easy. It's a dancing competition where professional dancers get paired up with a celebrity. Each show the pairs have to prepare and execute a predetermined dance routine; lowest score goes home until a winner is determined. Scores are tallied through a combination of the judges' opinions and the audience votes, not unlike the setup of American Idol.

Per usual with hit TV shows, the idea of this dance competition didn't originate in the U.S. The U.K. actually first started the craze, being originally dubbed 'Strictly Come Dancing'. Catchier name I think.

News just surfaced that Erin Andrews is to replace 8-season-long host Brooke Burke-Charvet as the co-host. Tom Bergeron will stay. He's been there since the beginning and doesn't look like ABC or Bergeron want to rock the boat there. I think the Andrews move will be a good one though. Seems her talents have been a little under-utilized over at ESPN.
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