We need a Fire IN Our Belly

Sun Aug 09, 2015 20:54:45PM

First and Foremost I am a Hillary Clinton supporter, long time Democrat and a female. I have campaigned walked precincts, ran Democratic organizations for many, many years and can not once remember a Candidate, with the experience, talent and knowledge that I knew would take us to the next level, promote and advance the programs of the last President and begin to right this Country. But I get the feeling I am the only one out there, why is that?

I have watched and listened about finding another candidate that could win, more to our ideals, trust worthy,don't fool yourselves, no one has her qualifications and connections and strength. Even the candidates on the right realize that "her resume" can not be beat by them so they will cheat, lie, brainwash all of us to believe she is some how "tainted" If we allow this to happen we will defeat ourselves. We need to light that fire in our belly, close our ears to the doubts and claim the valuable time we are wasting while the clowns on the right fight themselves.Sure they want some other Democratic to run, their percentages go way up without her in the general election. Do we want to win or do we want to give them the keys once again? Our choice, if we have doubts how will we ever convince those who are not Democrats to vote for the first woman president, Hillary Clinton.

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Sorry but my values align more with Bernie Sanders, so he is my candidate of choice. However, this has nothing to do with the email scandal crap that the Republicans have been propagating or any other kind of trust issues. I supported her in her last attempt and will gladly support her again if she is the Democratic nominee.
I applaud your enthusiasm and devotion. Might I suggest that it's a little early to commit? Hillary's ratings have been falling.

"Hillary Clinton's approval rating plummeted in a new NBC/The Wall Street Journal poll to its lowest level since 2008. The poll released Monday night showed that 37 percent of registered voters generally approve of Clinton and 48 percent disapprove."

It may well be that, as attractive as Hillary may be, the nominee might be Biden or Sanders. She is leading Bush by about 8% among registered voters, but that number has been falling. Delaying the debates allows the Republicans to get more national face time than Hillary. Besides, Sanders seems to be the hot number right now, with Biden waiting for either campaign to blow up.

As I say, it might be too early to plunge full steam into Clinton's campaign quite yet.
I agree, that Bernie is the hot item now, but I remember Howard Dean(because I initially supported and campaigned for him) as a hot item and we all know how that blew up We had John Kerry and he came forward. Yes, he was not as exciting so our support came rather late and not as "fire in the belly" He lost and we gained Bush again for two years. Our younger voters seem to be enamored with flamboyance and not motivated by intellectual ability and qualifications. They absorb the propaganda whether truth or lies. They somehow believe that intelligence is not a qualification for Prez. Remember, the quote "I can have a beer with George Bush". It somehow makes them believe anybody or anyone can take the highest seat in the land without repercussions to our country. I say it is not too early to support her, and have her back. Polls are influence peddlers and may not be true reflections of what is out there. Example, Romney was ahead of O'bama down to the wire. Of course, I guess it could be what I have supported all my life, women candidates is not as important to the young people today. I do predict that if we do not break that glass ceiling this time, it will be a long time before we get the chance again. IF not NOW....When??
The message above had somewhat the same answer. I answered there. Would like to continue the conversation.