The Donald Show Readies For Prime Time

Illustration of the 2016 Republican Clown CarBy: Gage Skidmore

The Republican clown car officially has its top ten candidates selected for the first Presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle and the nation will soon be given a glimpse of the comedy that will be the Republican primary. We don't know what softball questions Fox "News" will send each candidates way, but we do know the evening will be memorable simply because of the man who will be standing at center stage. The man, the myth, the living legend. Donald J Trump.

Trump, who is currently leading the pack with 26 percent of self-identified Republican primary voters backing him, will be front and center and we can only assume that he will make the most of his newfound Republican fame. He will be flanked by Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and John Kasich make up the remainder of the ten candidates who will be sharing the stage with the larger than life character that is "The Donald."

It is the height of irony that the party who insists they want to appeal to mainstream America is smitten a candidate who is the exact antithesis of everything their "autopsy" proposed. Instead of heeding their leaders advice to become more mainstream, the Republican base has fallen in love with a man who calls undocumented workers "rapists" and says that he will build a "great wall" along out entire southern border to keep them out.

I almost feel bad for the Republicans who are taking this nominating process seriously, but those feeling dissipate quickly when I remind myself that Trump is only saying the things that the Republican base genuinely believes. It should be of no surprise that, after seven years of berating President Obama and foretelling the pending demise of "America as we know it" that the base actually starts believing that nonsense.

Donald Trump isn't the fringe of the Republican Party; he is the Republican Party.

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1869 days ago
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And as for as Cruz is concern he has used Trumps commit against him (Trump) which he has agreed with what Trump said about closing the borders until the screening process is better, just to get votes. And for that reason because he didn't stepping up to the plate along with Trump, he (cruz)don't deserve my vote, if he wouldn't have set in the back ground letting Trump take all the heat, I would have respecting him more for that. Too scared to afraid he may hurt someone's feelings and not caring for the safety of our people or Country just to protect his standing and to wait till the time was right After the FBI reported unsafe screening on refugees. He(cruz) received that report from the FBI. and sat on that report until Trumps statement making Trump look like bigot just for the vote , a political gain is not worth the lives of Americans .
1869 days ago
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Why don't you guys get the story right you all twist the words that Trump spoke you are all not saying what he really stated .Close our borders until until until our leaders have a better screening process. Because they were allowing entry to the U.S without proper ID's or passports. Come on report truth not twisted words
DisabledVet&VoterI Think, Therefore I Vote Democrat
1 0 2 0 0 Green Valley, AZ

1893 days ago
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He promised closed borders. He said he wanted a certain group of people rounded up, detained, deported, imprisoned. He shouts that he alone will make the country great again. He talks funny and he looks funny, but folks are rallying around him. He vows to destroy those that interfer with his plans. He will close their churches and stifle their voices. His name was Hitler. Does history repeat itself? If your ignorant it will.
Chet Ruminski
Chet RuminskiSpeech in support of teamster strike OHIO
4.9k 0 4 0 0 Pensacola, FL

1976 days ago
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Trump will make the Republican Party the party of the people. His life style of the rich and famous appeal is hard to counter. He has passed the approval stage. He is now the voice people want to hear and be. I haven't read his book "The Art of the Deal" but now I want to. I'll bet his campaign is right out of the book. His tough mea culpa's have locked him in. I have been listening to him and he is smart, knowledgeable and quick witted. He is teaching people that government is by the lobbyist. He says he won't listen to lobbyist. So what, he already has the best interests of big money and corporations in his heart.
I gotta think this whole Trump nonsense is mostly just a ratings grab for the GOP and Fox News. A way for them to get eyes on them, and away from Dems. And then Trump will withdraw his name from the ring in a few months, and back someone like Walker (or whoever Trump deems best to position himself with at that time). It's the ol' lower-your-expectations trick. Showcase the most ridiculous candidate. And then replace with someone not so silly, so by comparison, they look actually sane and reasonable. .... Stupid tactic, but I think that's whats going on in the early runnings of the GOP race.