Jolly St. Nick- Do Or Do Not?

Sun Feb 23, 2014 08:05:33AM
Categories: Santa Claus
Christmas, the time of the year when little ones across the world are on their best behavior for the fluffy, white bearded, gift bearing, man in red, known as Santa Claus. He is considered to be the jolliest of jolly and as been known to compensate where due for good children. Of course this is where my thoughts land on the subject.

There has not been a day in my life where I believed in Santa, but have never been one to burst someone's bubble, especially a child or childhood friend. I grew up always knowing the gifts under the tree were from my parents due to the obvious, and they never pushed this on me. I have known people well into their teen's and early twenty's that still say "wheres my Santa gift?" still expecting something greater (usually in price) that what they have just recieved... And all I can do is think to myself "wow" and say nothing. One main reason I have always known this is when I was a child there was more so than not, a great lack of money. If we had money one year, we had gifts. If we did not have money (which was most likely), very small amount of gifts. Simple as that. The magical man never delivered to my house, or any of my friends. Like I said, if we had gifts, we got needed necessities.

I believe this can be a fun thing for children up to a certain age, but it can also be a good tool for disappointment, along with other negative effects in the future. I have been asked the question several times "Will you tell your kids about Santa?" and it's a difficult question to answer considering...well, my lack of children at the moment. But I will instead strongly express to them that Christmas is a time of year when it is more important to give than receive, thus installing that thought for their future. There are to many kids/ people today that have forgotten this. There is no better gift, than the gift of giving. I would much rather see the joy on someone's face from a gift I have given them from a 'good place' and NOT from the list they hand selected at their favorite store's.

I'm not claiming that Mr. Claus is 100% to blame for this, but there is something I see wrong in telling your children if their not good that week then they wont get their "big gift" from Santa. It just seems to slowly turn into a self-deserve syndrome over time. I have always appreciated every gift I ever received from my mother because she I know how hard she had to work for it. All in all, there is good and bad that come with instilling children with the thought of a man that delivers their most 'prized gift' after behaving correctly for a period of time. But I'm leaning towards its been slightly cracked, and overtime is in need of repair.
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