no pay for congress when they do not do their job

4 1 0 0 0 Saint Amant, LA

Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:16:22AM
Just wondering if anyone has brought up that maybe Congress should no get paid if other federal employees do not get paid?
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eternal flame
eternal flameDon't Let it Be Forgot, its name was CAMELOT

1197 days ago
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I know that Jared knows what he is talking about, so I won't dispute it. I just think that we need to re-examine the laws as written, that allow govt employees (including elected officials) to just go on "strike" for any imaginary grievance, & blackmail the govt to "do their bidding" or else. Shutting down the government should NOT be an option, just so the GOP can get their way, like spoiled (or retarded) children, whenever they have a tantrum. It is irrational & unpatriotic behavior, that borders on treason.

I suggest some very severe penalties for that, which should at least include "removal from office", & "loss of all pay & benefits" for all absences from their elected duties."
1610 days ago
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As much as I'd like to see that happen, it would violate the 27th Amendment and a new Constitutional Amendment to overturn it would have to be ratified.